Action Tokens are beads, dice or other objects used to signify that a monster has been given an action. Whenever a monster performs an action, it is assigned an action token. When a monster has two action tokens, it cannot be assigned any more actions (other than free actions) and is considered to be vulnerable. At the end of your turn, if a monster wasn't assigned a non-free action that turn, remove any action tokens that monster has on it.

When a monster goes insane, immediately remove all action tokens from it.

When a monster is possessed, at the end of the possessing player's turn it receives action tokens so that it becomes vulnerable. A possessed monster can be given an action even if it has two action tokens on it.


  • Some powers such as Immobilize and Venom can be useful for putting action tokens on enemies. Careful use of such powers can effectively lock down a figure completely.
  • Other powers such as Agony and Attracted to Motion can captialize on an enemy taking consecutive actions, while the drawback powers Focus and Maniac likewise punish players for letting their monsters get loaded with action tokens.
  • On the flip side, there are some powers like Moving Target that actually reward monsters for having two action tokens.
  • Share Energy can be extremely useful for keeping certain monsters moving. So can Plot Twists like Extra Effort

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