Eld022 Aether Worm is a HorrorClix 1.5 monster designed by BLG as part of the Eldritch custom set.

Original PostEdit

22. AETHER WORM Alien, Paranormal
Vile parasites that scour the aethereal plane searching for psychic impulses upon which to feed. The figure would show a grotesque, eel-like shape with a bulb-tipped antennae protruding from it's eyeless head, a tendril-ringed mouth, and multiple spiny fins, cast in transparent plastic.
Points: 35
Range: 0/
Plot Twists: +0
-X Aetherial (Ghost)
A:09-08-07-06-X Hunter (vs Psychic)
D:16-16-15-14-X Invisible
D:01-01-01-01-X Brain Drain (Pain)
-Flying Movement
CONTINUOUS POWER: Psychic Parasite (Haunt)

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