Aswang 1
TE022 Aswang is a HorrorClix 1.5 monster designed by BLG as part of his TerrorAsia custom set.

Original PostEdit

22. ASWANG Hellspawn, Occultist
One of the most feared monsters in Filipino folklore, an aswang is a ghoulish, hideous hag that uses magical illusions to steal corpses, or to acquire fresh prey...
Points: 35
Range: 0/
Plot Twists: +0
A:09-08-08-07-06-X Phantasm*
D:16-15-14-13-12-X Shapechange**
D:02-02-02-01-00-X Snack
*As per Smoke Cloud in HeroClix, with a range of 4.
**As per the HeroClix power of the same name.


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