Gx040 Conjure Hag is a HorrorClix 1.5 monster designed by BLG as part of his Gothix custom set.

Original PostEdit

40. CONJURE HAG Occultist, Hellspawn
This is a classic Halloween-style witch: an ugly, hunchbacked crone clad in black hooded robes, stirring a cauldron with a large staff.
Points: 60
Range: 6/
Plot Twists: +1
-04-03-X Immobilize
A:09-09-09-08-07-X Curse*
D:15-15-14-13-12-X Magic Wards (Martial Artist)
D:02-01-01-01-01-X Evil Eye (Deadshot)
*This attack deals no damage; instead all the target's statistics are at -1 until the beginning of this player's next turn.

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