Devil Imps are low-level, low-cost Hellspawn known for their bright orange skin, large mouths and hazardous bodily fluids. Devil Imps drool constantly, their demonic saliva catching fire to any earthly surface it touches. They also possess the ability to projectile vomit at will, spraying a highly acidic bile at a distance of up to 5 feet which is able to quickly burn through a human body, cauterizing the wound as it passes through. Devil Imps smell strongly of sulfur.

Although Devil Imps have wings, they are not able to fly for extended periods of time; they can, however, glide short distances and extend their jumps by fluttering their wings, similar to chickens.

Devil Imps are known to travel in packs or swarms, using their numbers to compensate for their relatively weak mental and physical attributes. While they are fast, cunning and naturally hazardous enough to easily kill most ordinary humans, their bodies are small and fragile and they are among the most instinct-driven Hellspawn. If there is a demonic heirarchy in the HorrorClix universe, Devil Imps are surely near the bottom.

The earliest known Devil Imp encounter dates back to 1926 when Father James Rothchild was attacked by one in his church. The first recorded Devil Imp swarm incident occured in Siberia in the late 1960s when Soviet experiments with dimensional portals resulted in hundreds of Devil Imps rushing through a temporary dimensional tear into our world and killing the inhabitants of a small village and three Soviet containment teams before a nuclear bomb was detonated in the hopes of eradicating the creatures. It is possible however that some of the Devil Imps may have left the area before the explosion as there have been a number of sightings since then.

Devil Imp may refer to:

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