Dire Wolves are exceptionally large and aggresive wolves. Although considerably less common than ordinary wolves, Dire Wolves are known for frequent migration in large, nomadic hunting packs and have been encountered in a wide variety of places throughout the world.

Many Dire Wolves have been part of the Wolfbrothers cabal.

Dire Wolf may refer to:

Art and The DemonEdit

In the early 1900s, the town of Charity, Wyoming was attacked and overrun by a pack of Dire Wolves. The few survivors of the early attacks quickly and dramatically spread the word about their experience and the alpha male of the pack became known as, "the Demon," who was known by his great size and, "eyes like burning coal". Those that did not flee were killed and eaten by the pack, the sole survivor being a man named Art Tarnowski. It is unknown how long Tarnowski remained in Charity or how he escaped. However, the Experienced version of Dire Wolf is a Spirit, implying that he probably managed to kill, "the Demon".

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