TMIF016 Gingerdead Man is a HorrorClix 1.5 Monster designed by Sarcanis as part of the This Month in Fear custom set. It is based on the main character of The Gingerdead Man.

Original PostEdit

16. Gingerdead Man
Killer, Slasher
35 points, +0 Twists

Sounds Like Gary Busey (Scare)
Now You're Soundin' Like My High School Principal (Deadshot)
Small Target (Phantom)
One Bad Cookie (Spree)
Eat Me (Bodysnatch)
- If the attack succeeds, deal no damage. The target becomes friendly to your force. Remove this monster's figure from the map. When the target is dealt damage as the result of an attack, it becomes friendly to its owner. Place this monster in an unoccupied space adjacent to the attacker. If the target is killed while under your control, this monster is also killed.


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