HrC086 Headless Horseman is a HorrorClix 1.0 monster. He is notable for being the original The Furies Cabal leader.


Headless Horseman (photo by Ryan Kasnick)

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Headless Horseman
Spirit, Fury
Rank: Unique Cabal: Furies
Points: 120 Plot Twists: +2
Collectors #: HrC-086 Rarity: 6
Type: Monster Status: Active
Sculptor: Joey Locke Painter: Chris Hart
Cabal Power: Vengenace - This monsters controller gets an extra action each turn, which can be assigned only to a friendly member of this monster's cabal.
Decapitate (Assassin) - Damage the attack deals to vulnerable monsters is penetrating damage.
Stamina - Damage dealt to this monster is reduced by 1.
There it was again: the unmistakable sound of hooves calttering across the old covered bridge.  Samuel tried not to think about the town's shadowy past, about the horrible crimes spoken about in whispers behind closed doors.  He smelled it before he saw it, a creature that reeked of loam and decay, bearing down on him faster than a car.  The last thing Samuel saw was the flash of its blade as it cut clean through his neck.
Errata: None
FAQ: Does the extra action granted to the Furies by the Headless Horseman require that an action token be given?


  • Rulings from the Rules Arb... /FAQ

Review: by daved

The Headless Horseman holds no surprises. Right from the start he has 8 movement, allowing him to charge headlong into victim-slaying and combat. Armed also with high attack values and above-average defense coupled with Stamina, he can take a beating if need be, only to give back some of his own. Mid-dial his movement stays high but his defense and damage bottom out only to spike towards the end as a last powerful strike before he can be defeated.

The Cabal power of Vengeance is nice, allowing an extra action per turn if needed, along with 2 extra plot twist cards to fill up your Crypt. The Horseman may lack in special abilties, but more than makes up for it in potential.

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