temp010 King Beau is a HorrorClix 1.5 monster designed by Sarcanis as part of the work-in-progress CreepypastaClix set. It is based on the story of Vox and King Beau.

Original PostEdit

"He's really hard to describe accurately because everything about him is not quite human and I'm a terrible artist. His skin looks just like an albino. His teeth look like crocodile teeth. They're all pointed but different sizes and fit together. He's very tall. I would say he almost reached my ceiling. What I could see of his body looked like an NBA player's, about that size with a longish neck. His smile is way too wide. He has high cheekbones and big eyes. He had white hair and it was brushed back. "

King Beau
Hellspawn, Nightmare, Ruler
130 Points, +1 Twist
- Flying Movement, Super Rare

Fearless - This monster ignores other monsters' Scare and Dread powers.
He Could Make Things Very Quiet (Rainstorm) - This monster's range value becomes 5. If the attack succeeds, deal no damage. Instead give the target and each of up to three opposing monsters adjacent to the target an action token.
His Angriest Voices (Wail) - Halve this monster's range value. Make a single ranged combat attack against all monsters (friendly and opposing) within range in every direction, with lines of sight blocked only by walls, blocking and elevated terrain. If this attack hits multiple monsters, this monster's damage value becomes 1 and all monsters hit are dealt damage. Ignore the powers of all monsters attacked in this way. Attacks made with this power do not target monsters. If this monster has a range of 0, use a range of 4 and do not halve it.
Voice Theft - When this monster kills a monster, move all victim tokens from that monster's card to this monster's card.
Voices of the Fallen (Spree)


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