Peripheral Characters
Name Description Seen On
Senator Joseph McHammish A senator. Appears to be somewhat knowledgeable in lore. Has a large library. Captured and tortured by Angelique or Angelina and her gang of Razorvixens. Razorvixen (HrC004)
Officer Casey A policeman believed to have been bitten by a zombie. Now most likely a Zombie Cop. Zombie Cop (Demo4)
Officer Jacob A policeman, partner to Officer Casey _____ above. Zombie Cop (Demo4)
Ramos A merchant, possibly a career thief. Used werewolves as bodyguards. Attempted to swindle an idol from Razorvixens, resulting in the amputation of his arm by Dominique. Presumed dead. Razorvixen (HrC005)
Dominique A Razorvixen, most likely the one depicted by the Experienced miniature. Carries two swords. Prevented Ramos from getting away with a magical idol and severed his arm. Razorvixen (HrC005)
Robert Tarnowski A New York City resident famous for writing Winter's Snow, a partly autobiographical book about his family's experiences being terrorized by Dire Wolves. He once awoke to find one in his 17th-story apartment. He hid under his kitchen sink until the wolf was distracted by a security guard knocking at the door, at which point he climbed out onto the fire escape. R Dire Wolf, E Dire Wolf
Art Tarnowski Grandfather of Robert Tarnowski. Lived in Charity, Wyoming in 1917 when the town was terrorized by Dire Wolves and was believed to be the only resident not to flee or be killed. Served honorably in World War II and eventually moved to Manhattan, where he lived until he was finally killed by wolves at the age of 89. E Dire Wolf, V Dire Wolf
Father James Rothchild S.J. A priest who, in 1926, along with fellow clergyman Brother Thomas, was attacked by a Devil Imp which he attempted to ward off with prayer. R Devil Imp
Brother Thomas A priest who was attacked and set on fire by a Devil Imp in 1926. R Devil Imp
Joe Bidden A security agent at "The Colorado Facility". Although he has seen a great deal of suffering and violence and become somewhat desensitized, he admits to experiencing trauma after witnessing the result of Devil Imp acid burns. E Devil Imp
Captain John Byther Leader of Echo Team. V Devil Imp

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