Lusca monster fish
ToF048 Lusca is a HorrorClix 1.5 monster designed by BLG as part of the Tropic of Fear custom set.

Original PostEdit

48. LUSCA Beast, Aquatic
Believed by some to dwell in the "blue holes" (huge underwater sinkholes) off the coast of the Bahamas, a lusca is described as a cross between a giant octopus and a massive shark. Scientists scoff at the idea, but believers point to the unidentifiable decomposing bodies of large marine animals, nicknamed "gobsters", which occasionally wash up on Caribbean coastlines, as proof of the lusca's existence.
Points: 85
Range: 0/
Plot Twists: +0
-03-03-02-X Blood In The Water*
A:10-10-09-09-08-08-07-07-06-X Tentacles!**
D:16-15-15-14-14-13-13-12-10-X Submerge***
D:04-04-03-03-03-02-02-02-02-X Swallow Whole (Massacre)
-Swimming Movement; Double-Based
*When making a Slaying attempt or Frenzy move against a Victim or monster that occupies Water terrain, this monster's Movement value is doubled.
**As per the multiple attack option in the HeroClix power Hypersonic Speed.
***Lines of sight are blocked when this monster occupies Water terrain.


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