ToF038 Mambo La Blanc is a HorrorClix 1.5 monster designed by BLG as part of the Tropic of Fear custom set.

Original PostEdit

38. MAMBO LA BLANC Priest, Guardian
The religion of voodoo is usually portrayed as very dark and dangerous in horror movies, but in reality the majority of its practitioners are peaceful people who use voodoo rituals for benign purposes. This monster serves as a counterpoint to the more stereotypical Bocor Le Noir from the Uncommons. The miniature would depict an attractive black woman with long braided hair, wearing a white dress, kneeling among a cluster of candles, gesturing as if performing a ritual.
Points: 50
Range: 0/
Plot Twists: +2
-04-03-X Clear Mind
A:08-08-08-07-06-05-X Loa's Blessing (Charmed)
D:17-16-15-14-13-12-X Heal*
D:01-01-01-01-01-00-X Raise The Dead
*As per the HeroClix power Support.


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