Pandora Labs is an advanced research and development corporation focusing primarily on military-industrial applications such as security systems, robotics, weaponry, pharmaceuticals and genetic engineering. The majority of monsters in The Lab can be traced directly or indirectly to the work of Pandora Labs and its associates. The corporation has been the subject of much controversy due to accusations of illegal business practices, unorthodox scientific procedures and a long history of costly and often dangerous failed experiments.


  • Dr. Johnathan Varley - Most likely the lead researcher if not the president of Pandora Labs, though this is never explicitly stated. Seems to be in some position of authority as he personally was contacted by major governments during the first known Carnage-Bot incident. He is known for his cold indifference to matters of death and suffering as he regards the pursuit of knowledge as more important than any other concern ---  though the money to be made in the process is a close second.
  • Dr. Gavin - A colleague of Dr. Varley who assisted in the development of the Carnage-Bot. Although high-strung and occasionally angry, he seems to display more concern for human safety than Dr. Varley.
  • David - Last name unknown. Part of the design team on the Carnage-Bot project, he intended to demonstrate the abilities of the robots by entering one on Bot Battle, a weekly televised robot fighting competition, but was targeted and killed by the robot upon first activating it for testing.

Flavor Text ReferencesEdit

The following monsters feature flavor text directly referencing Pandora Labs or Dr. Varley.

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