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Occultist, Legend, Priest /

Occultist, Vampire, Hellspawn

Rank: Unique Cabal: Hellbound
Points: 90 Plot Twists: +2
Collectors #: HrC-088 Rarity: 6
Type: Monster Status: Active
Sculptor: Jeff Grace Painter: Chris Hart
Cabal Power: Banish - All friendly monsters of this cabal get +1 to their attack values against Hellspawn and Spirits.
Maniac - This monster gets –1 to its defense value for each action token on it.
Agony - This monster gets +1 to its damage value for each action token on the target.
Cabal Power: Banish - All friendly monsters of this cabal get +1 to their attack values against Hellspawn and Spirits.
Maniac - This monster gets –1 to its defense value for each action token on it.
Vampiric - If the attack causes the target to take at least 1 damage, heal this monster of 1 damage.
Errata: None
FAQ: None

Review: by Rogueborg

Why does a person from Russian lore appear in Horrorclix? The answer is simple, his (alleged) actions earn him that place.

Reading the future by using chicken intestines is always a nice way to scare people. Manipulating the Tsar by killing “wrong” people scores bonus points :D

Rasputin is a crossroads clix witch means he has 2 sides to choose from.

The first is his occultist legend priest side.

On this side he comes equipped with a dial full of agony (all 5 of them). Allowing him to do 5 damage with 1 blow for the first 2 clicks. After that he has 2 damage for the rest of his dial. His defense begins with 17 but drops steadily (1 defense per click) to a 13. If that wasn’t bad enough, he also has the maniac power which drops his defense by 1 for every action token he has.

Rasputin has excellent attackvalues beginning with two 11’s en two 10’s.

Rasputin has a good 6 range but you really want to use the agony, and that doesn’t work at range.

His speed is steady, but alas a little low (4), which hampers his agony, as he cannot frenzie very far.

But luckily, Rasputin has another side. The Vampire Occultist Hellspawn side.

Most weaknesses of the first side are remedied. He loses agony, but gains base damage for the bigger part of his dial, so his range can be used without conflicting with agony. His low speed is upgraded to a 6 which is very decent.

Rasputins’ defense has been raised as well, but still has the maniac power.

To offset his short dial (only 5 clicks) this side has Vampiric. That together with 2+ damage values means he can suck the life out of every opposing figure.

Both dials gain a +1 attackvalue against hellspawns and spirits, but that is just icing on the cake, because both sides have very high attack values.

An added bonus of using Rasputin is his +2 plot twists.


According to Eryx_UK's IWF Bestiary, Rasputin had assembled a small cult prior to his assassination in 1916. Those who understood his teachings were taught arcane secrets which allowed them to unlock their mystical potential and manipulate reality in certain ways. Rasputin took these followers and formed a secret society that he called the Hellbound, because he believed that humanity was inherently sinful.

Eventually, Rasputin began to demand human sacrifices be performed by his Hellbound in order to reach union with, "those who wait beyond," and gain their power. While some of his followers took this task with sadistic glee, others were repulsed by the notion and left. Soon after, angry Russian nobility had the sorcerer assassinated.

As evidenced by the original legend and Morgana's flavor text, this was no easy task. After being poisoned, shot and stabbed, he persisted in breathing. Finally, the assassins threw him into the freezing Neva river, assuming that if he did not drown he would die of hypothermia. This was not to be, however, as Morgana saved him from such a fate, turning him into a vampire and possibly becoming his lover. Some believe Morgana to be one of Rasputin's disciples; others believe it's the other way around. Nobody knows for sure.

Morgana's flavor text also mentions the two having a common enemy in a mysterious group known as the Order of Shades. However, no other references to such a group exist, and as such the outcome of that conflict is unknown. The Order of Shades could be the correct full name for The Order cabal, which Eryx_UK calls The Order of Saint George.

Following his supposed death, Rasputin lived in total secrecy for years, finally reemerging during World War II to work with the Nazis. This gave him access to a vast library of occult literature and magical equipment as well as minions to perform basic tasks for him. Order records show that during this time he may have been present at a massive ritual intended to cut through the fabric of our dimension, revealing a portion of Hell to the Nazis, who intended to bring Hellspawn through from the other side to use as soldiers. The ritual is recorded as a failure.

Decades passed before Rasputin was seen again, and The Order took the official stance that the, "Rasputin," present at the Nazi summoning ritual must have been an unrelated occultist using the name of the infamous Mad Monk Grigory Rasputin to build a false reputation and intimidate the credulous. If somehow they were wrong about that, and the Mad Monk really was present at the ritual, it was firmly believed that either the U.S. fire would have killed him or he would have been pulled into the dimensional tear and incinerated in the fires of Hell.

Rasputin resurfaced again in Moscow in the mid-1990s. Up until this point, he believed The Hellbound to have died along with him in 1916. This was not the case, as the first thing he saw as he returned to our world from the depths of Hell was his old emblem; a firey gateway to the other side. As he regained consciousness after what felt like centuries of emptiness, his new servants told him of the rich, secret history of the very society he had founded 80 years before. The Hellbound, much like Rasputin himself, had lived and died several times. They told him that the cabal had been run by Aliester Crowley at one time. Rasputin had read about Crowley and his work during World War II, and wished to speak with the Great Beast, but was disappointed to find the man dead.

He set out at once to revive Crowley using magics he had learned from the Nazis, ordering his followers to bring him 12 human heads, but before the first step could be taken, their hidden temple was discovered by The Furies, who sought to drag Rasputin back to Hell in exchange for freedom from their own torments. The resulting battle raged for two straight days, and left the temple and nearly everything in it in ruins. Rasputin suffered severe head trauma after being kicked by The Headless Horseman's horse, but ultimately escaped alive.

At once he sat out to find Morgana, believing that she must know who had attacked him and why.

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