Wfoot Wing Water Attack Defense DamageRegular DamageGiant DamageBig Targets1 Targets2 Targets3 Cleaver Pistol Boot Skull Hellbound The Order Furies Rlyeh Wolfbrothers Bloodcall Goldenclaw

Dog Sargeant - Using his supernatural cunning and brutality to rise up through the military ranks, this werewolf is now in command of a squad of rookie soldiers, giving him access to the Boss power and some kind of minion power. The figure would depict the un-transformed Dog Soldier with graying hair, wearing a Sargent's uniform complete with a wide brimmed hat.

Devil Imp - Those classic orange beasties we all love to hate, Devil Imps haven't gone anywhere in the last ten years, or the last ten thousand for that matter. The figure would be set on a flight base with its feet out in a swooping pose. Prevents healing.

Runaway - All grown up and hair dyed blonde, the Runaway tells tales of her rough childhood to manipulate them through pity, represented by the Advise power. The figure would depict a young woman in a red hoodie, hands tucked into the pockets.

Spooky Scary Skeleton - A skeleton wrapped in chains and wearing a top hat. This version would indeed use its bones as weapons.

Blood Vamp - This figure would look just like the original, except wearing a sexier, more ornate dress, revealing a cross-shaped burn mark on her chest. She has Vengenace for Priests and a range of 6. She cannot be targeted by the powers of opposing Hellbound or Bloodcall monsters.

Lynch Wraith - The Lynch Ghost's vengeance was cruel and bloody, but never complete. Despite several violent campaigns over the years, one of his victims hired a Ghostfinder to capture him, leaving his rage to fester and grow, imbuing his spectral image with a deep red glow. After a containment breach sets him free, he adds a 16th family to his hit list.

Flying Monkey - Instead of bunching several of them together on a single base like they did in Freakshow, this figure represents a single monkey in a larger Horde/Pack.

Lab Gorilla - A far cry from the brute force of the raging gorillas from The Lab, this exceptionally intelligent primate would be sitting at a chess table, a large transparent helmet with many cords attached on his head, his eyes glowing white. Still statistically beefy, he would be less offense oriented and more defense and support based.

Outpatient - The original Outpatient painted to have sickly pale skin and yellow eyes. Tentacles! and Spin Attack demonstrate his mastery of the implants that changed his life 10 years ago.

Powerscrubber - A Scrubber equipped with a mechanical exoskeleton designed for cleaning up the remains of Giant monsters.

Razorvixen Leader - A sexy young vampire woman in a gold-colored leather jacket with a Bloodcall symbol painted on the back. Powers up monsters with "Razorvixen" in their name.

Brine Priestess - A Brine Witch clad in a hooded robe made of fishing net, holding a strange looking pearl over her head. Or is it an egg...?

Zombie Agent - A zombie in the classic Zombie Cop pose, wearing a trench coat and holding out his wallet to reveal his FBI badge.

Skeletal Mother - Hell hath no Fury like a mother scorned. A bigger, scarier Skeletal Maiden with a large hole in the middle of her firey "stomach", this monster represents the rage of a mother whose unborn child was taken from her by a Devil Imp.

Zombie Judge - A zombie in a long robe, brandishing a gavel as a weapon.

Mr Fright - Kept alive by the fear of the children who believe in him, Mr. Fright is more a phenomenon than an entity. This figure would be posed holding an iron pipe over one shoulder, the inhumanly long finger on his other hand pointed straight ahead at his target.

Ghostfinder - More accessible to the common man than the secret society of The Order or the high-price mercenaries at Nightshade Security, the Ghostfinders have been kept very busy over the last 10 years in the haunted world of HorrorClix. They've grown as a company and begun training apprentices, taking on (and sadly, losing) several new employees since 2008. This figure would appear as a woman with long orange-red hair, wearing the classic brown jumpsuit and ghost trap, only with a smaller, sleeker ether disruptor than the '06 model.

Deep One Priest - "And some were strangely robed..." This figure represents a wise old Deep One who leads his fellows in the worship of Dagon. The figure would depict a Deep One dressed in a hypnotically patterned, multi-colored robe, his webbed hands raised to the sky in exaltation of his fish-god.

Matron Saint - This Matron Mother - sadistic Hellspawn who pose as nuns to do evil in the name of the church - has been elevated to the status of Saint after using twisted demonic rituals to enact two "miracles". The figure would depict the Matron Mother from the Base Set with a golden glow cast around her in transluscent plastic. Advise and Fate-Weaver represent her (un)holy powers.

Chainsaw - A copycat killer imitating the infamous Chainsaw killer of late 1980s, whom he idolized throughout his teen years. This monster would have a damage value of 1 with Agony throughout most of his dial, representing his unrefined skills with the chainsaw, transitioning into Slash on his final 2 clicks, representing mastery of the unweildy weapon.

Carnage Bot 5.0 - Successfully redesigned, reprogrammed and reproduced, the Carnage Bot became a paramilitary craze in the late 2000s, leading to decisive victories in several public and secret wars across the world. The figure would be the same as the original version, only painted chrome with a green "eye" from which it fires the lasers that enable its Fleshmelter and Impale powers.

Grey Exterminator - Like the Scrubbers and Nightshades of Earth, when an alien experiment on our little blue ball gets out of hand, the Exterminators clean it up. The figure would depict a Grey in a little brown jumpsuit, armed with a small pointed weapon.

Corp. Lieutenant - Subordinate only to the Corp. Commander, this Nightshade Security soldier uses the Boss and Command powers to lead his squad of Corp. Response into battle.

Giant Amoeba - Dr. Varley's first monstrous experiment, the Giant Amoeba continued to grow and destroy until it was captured  by Echo Team, who locked it in a containment cell in a laboratory in Milwaukie. When accidentally exposed to the antidote to an experimental Kaiju shrinking syrum, the amoeba grew to truly Giant damage symbol proportions, escaping containment and running amok in the small, inconspicuous town.

Zombie Astronaut - Floating infinitely through space, the Zombie Astronaut was eventually picked up by an alien tractor beam, because of course he was, and now comes equipped with extraterrestrial technology that gives him a range of 5 and Zap, along with the Alien keyword.

Phantom Cub - The offspring of the Phantom Maneater from Freakshow, this smaller cat would be depicted as mostly visible, with its invisible stripes (cast in clear plastic) revealing glimpses of the flesh and bone inside the beast. Its front paws would be invisible as well to indicate its ability to further disappear when threatened.

Snake Charmer - A look into the past, rather than the present, this generic Snake Charmer would represent Miss Slyther in her rookie days, The figure would depict a tall, lanky woman with red hair in a tight black dress with a cobra wrapped around her neck like a scarf and a flute in one hand. She would have Infect and a power allowing her to take control of opposing Serpents until they take damage by rollng doubles on 2d6.

Rudo - This bad guy wrestler from Mexico would have an Unmask power letting him shut down opposing monsters' Scare and Disguise powers, a Low Blow for Pain and Shove to mirror the Tecnico from Tropic of Fear.

Swordsman - After 8 long years, the Swordsman finally found the "Next" he had been looking for, learning to harness his ancient mythical powers to teleport short distances and perform Flurry combo attacks. However, he still needs a nurse for everything, and continues to take out his bloody rage on the monsters that threaten his world.

Satanist - The dark supplicant whose evil sorcery has created several monsters retains his power set of Possession and Raise the Dead, trading in his minion power for the ability to create Hellspawn minions.

Dominatrix - Inspired by the original Dominatrix, this copycat vigilante is bent on putting criminals in their place. Statistically toned down from the original, she would make up for it with Advise to represent her sadistic taunting.

Vampire Savage - The fabled Vampire Savage from the Nightmares rules insert makes its playable debut. Found in the darkness of an underground tunnel in Ireland in the late 1960s by archaeologist David Kaen, this prehistoric bloodsucker was fully encased in dark amber. The discovery was kept hidden away even from priveleged eyes for decades for fear of the impact it could have. Unfortunately for Kaen, you never know which day will be your last, and when his time came, the large amber statue which decorated his laboratory was auctioned for a nominal price. The new owner became curious about the statue's feral expression and lifelike features and began experimenting. Not too long after, it was his possessions being auctioned off. The creature hisses ancient maledictions in a language hitherto unknown.

Bride of the Fiend


Gene E.

Avatar of Dagon

Wolfman Jak

King Kuranes


Big Red



Sunny the Clown

Megan the Vampire Hunter

John Byther

The Mad Monk

Mr. Edward Hyde

Kaitlyn Bane

Dr. Varley



Wacko Jacko Lantern




Dr. von Raechter

Art Tarnowski


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