Senator Joseph McHammish is a character within the HorrorClix universe referenced in the flavor text of certain figures. He was first mentioned in the flavor text of Razorvixen (HrC004) (Rookie).

On It's Wicked Fun, a McHammish refers to a person who is interested and knowledgeable in the HorrorClix storyline and lore. The subforum of The Workshop dedicated to flavor discussion and fanfiction is called Senator McHammish's Library.

Flavor Text AppearancesEdit

HrC004 Razorvixen (Rookie)Edit

"I tried to run - but Angelique lashed out her whip and tangled my ankles, tripping me face-first to the pavement. I managed to roll over, only to have her dig the point of one of her stiletto heels into my throat. She looked down at me with a fanged sneer that dripped with contempt. The pain was exquisite; my breathing became erratic. As I blacked out, I realized that deep down, I was enjoying every moment." -Senator Joseph McHammish

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