DS062 Sgt. Stone is a HorrorClix 1.5 monster designed by BLG as part of the Dark Streets custom set.

Original PostEdit

62. SGT. STONE Guardian, Law
A tough-as-nails noncom in charge of a platoon of Guardsmen fighting in the zombie siege of the City. This figure is a simple color variant on the Common Guardsman: African-American skin color and sergeant's chevrons on his sleeve.
Points: 40
Range: 6//
Plot Twists: +0
A:09-08-08-07-06-X Hunter (vs Zombies)
D:16-15-14-13-12-X Flak Vest (Stamina)
D:02-02-02-01-01-X Accuracy / Grenade
*As per the HeroClix SHIELD/PD team power, with monsters of the same type granting the bonus.

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