CI007 Subplot: Demon Knight is a HorrorClix 1.5 Plot Twist designed by ChaosIndustries.

Subplot: Demon KnightEdit

Hellish fiends possess poor souls.

All Hellspawn you control gain the following power:

  • Demon Knight - Whenever a friendly Hellspawn slays a victim, instead of placing the victim on the monster's card, you may choose instead to remove the victim from the map and place a Hellspawn Minion token from outside the game in an empty space adjacent to the slayer.  The minion is friendly to you. (You still gain victory points for rescuing the victim, though the monster does not become blooded.)

If you have any friendly Hellspawn minions in play at the beginning of your turn, you get an extra action that turn which can be assigned only to a friendly Hellspawn minion.


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