Vampires are undead creatures known for drinking or otherwise consuming the blood or life-force of their victims in order to restore their health, maintain their immortality, or in some cases their rejuvenate their appearance. In HorrorClix, vampires are typically able to heal themselves through the Snack and Vampiric powers. Most, but not all, Vampires in HorrorClix utilize the red starting line mechanic so that vampiric healing can be used immediately.

The origin of vampirism is not well explained, but there is evidence that some of the oldest vampires were crude and feral. The flavor text of Razorvixen (Demo2) mentions a return to a, "monstrous heritage," from which Vampiric society has arisen. While a tendency toward brutality and social recklessness is evident in many vampires, young ones in particular, a culture of proud elegance appears to be prevalent among the older and richer of the species.

Notable Vampires and FactionsEdit

The BloodcallEdit

The original playable Vampire cabal in HorrorClix, The Bloodcall is a powerful group within Vampiric society. The origins of the group appear to date back to the late 1800s, shortly preceeding the death of Count Dracula. Vampires within the organization have struggled amongst themselves for power for over a century, resulting in countless leaders experiencing short stints atop the throne, but the Triumvirate of Lady Carmilla, Lord Ruthven and Master Varney have remained in power for many years now. While many clubs and cults exist among vampires, some with varying degrees of association to the main Cabal, few dare deny the authority of The Bloodcall.

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