Zombie Cops are simply zombified police.

In one of the earliest recorded biological zombie outbreaks in modern history, pharmaceutical testing at a Pandora Labs facility in Pittsburgh resulted in the zombification of three test subjects in 1978. The researchers responsible attempted to keep the zombies hidden in a locked room in their laboratory to study them in secret, but a series of deaths within the building, attributed to a test subject undergoing psychological conditioning experiments, led to a police investigation of the premises. Upon discovering one of the decaying undead test subjects, one officer assumed it to be dead and paused to report his findings over the radio, only to be shocked when the mangled corpse began to move and ultimately bit him before being shot several times in the head, apparently destroying its brain. The police called in a medic, who quicly treated the officer's wounds, and the search of the facilitiy continued. Slowly, however, the officer began to exhibit strange behavior, and eventually he succumbed to the unknown infection. In a haze of hunger and instinctive bloodthirst he shot down his fellow officers and devoured various parts of their bodies, in particular their brains. Although his ability to fire a gun lessened as the infection took its hold, there were only a small number of officers and a couple of employees in the building at the time and through the element of suprise he quickly managed to wound and partially devour all of them and shamble his way out of the facility.

Zombie Cop may refer to:

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